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Hey guys!

So I have some pretty big news in order to thank you guys for the recent success of a few of my tracks. In accordance with the support that I've received, I wanted to take advantage of the overcoming markets to come. As demonstrated by Tory Lanez and his action last year, I am about to engage in the same thing.

I will drop my very own E-NFT Keygen/videogame Soundtrack album before December 22, 2021. I'd also like a team of people to collaborate with on who'd want to contribute to this album and have their art featured. I'll be looking for 16 tracks to do.

I will be listing about 5000 copies of these for .04 ETH. They will be tradable sounds to where you own these pieces and can sell them for your own price value. I also have a solid network in partnership with the NFT project of ChillinChameleons to help us out in marketing. :)

10% of these proceeds will be used to engage in charitable works for providing food and shelter to the homeless along with providing economic/financial literacy and education for areas around the united states who don't know where to start. I want to embark on a mission to show people that it is possible to be financially free and do whatever you want, via an entrepreneurial lifestyle to gain time and money back to families. All while doing this.

I didn't know exactly the crowd to engage within bringing this idea up, but I'd figure even though I don't have a big following, I'd want to engage with you guys about this opportunity. I'm looking for a team of people who'd want to help out



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