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DJ-AfterBurnz's News

Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - November 1st, 2021

Hey guys!

So I have some pretty big news in order to thank you guys for the recent success of a few of my tracks. In accordance with the support that I've received, I wanted to take advantage of the overcoming markets to come. As demonstrated by Tory Lanez and his action last year, I am about to engage in the same thing.

I will drop my very own E-NFT Keygen/videogame Soundtrack album before December 22, 2021. I'd also like a team of people to collaborate with on who'd want to contribute to this album and have their art featured. I'll be looking for 16 tracks to do.

I will be listing about 5000 copies of these for .04 ETH. They will be tradable sounds to where you own these pieces and can sell them for your own price value. I also have a solid network in partnership with the NFT project of ChillinChameleons to help us out in marketing. :)

10% of these proceeds will be used to engage in charitable works for providing food and shelter to the homeless along with providing economic/financial literacy and education for areas around the united states who don't know where to start. I want to embark on a mission to show people that it is possible to be financially free and do whatever you want, via an entrepreneurial lifestyle to gain time and money back to families. All while doing this.

I didn't know exactly the crowd to engage within bringing this idea up, but I'd figure even though I don't have a big following, I'd want to engage with you guys about this opportunity. I'm looking for a team of people who'd want to help out




Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - December 20th, 2020

Hey guys,

I know this isn’t music related, but I need to say I finally bench pressed 225lb lol.


Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - October 31st, 2020

I think I might be deaf in one ear guys...

im going to take a month off from producing


Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - October 19th, 2020

Hey guys!

As stated, I’ve became a donor and a true patron to this site finally. That Given, I am under a new Alias Of DJ_AfterBurnz which this is my true name across all platforms.

looking forward to working with you. ChronicBurnR out


Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - August 31st, 2016

Hey guys, ChronicBurnR here. 


I just wanted to say that I'm still remaining active strong as ever here on Newgrounds, even though however i had to take some time off to move into college and stuff. Im moved in now, and I will still be doing my best to upload some things on here, along with some updated stuff as well. 


I participated in the Newgrounds Underdog composition audio thingamajig, and I wanted to give my appreciation to TaintedLogic for helping me discover a really huge key into fixing my drums. My main goal with my compositions if to try to equalize things masterfully, which I am actually taking classes to do so. I also ended up getting the key to FLStudio12 for ALL THE PLUGINS. Yes. ALL the plugins. Expect some really great pieces from me.


A small spoiler though to look forward to is that I'm on the final steps to getting Bass Breaker 2.0 completed. 


Keep being awesome!



Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - June 14th, 2016

Yeah, even though it may not show it via views, I've actually recieved a request to make the dance piece "Shenanigans" Downloadable. Thus Here you go. Thank you for the glorious support

Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - May 31st, 2016

Yep, the summer has kicked in and due from the absolute gain of freetime I've received (personal issues dealing with my peers right now, and the populus of my town being nubz, and yes I need to get a life), I've decided to start making projects to put on the market and produce beats. I am willing to collaborate with other artists to be able to assist me and throw in any contributions. I mean, it'll be fun. I'm putting a few on here to market off some of the newest ones I've been making, hence "Pixel Madness Beat", which I'd advise you to check out, because it's pretty solid. (Fun Fact: "Legacy" took six times to make, and I was planning to sell that one but I felt like it was a piece that shouldn't be sold because it was a dedication to a teammate of mine who performed well at Nationals, and it was a time for a celebration -w-.)

In addition, I need to share is that I've edited all of my sites to compile onto my artist name under "dJ_AfterBurnZ". I'd presume things have been getting confusing deciding whether I want to be "ChronicBurnR" or "Stre4Ks" But names are weird. THIS IS TO AVOID CONFUSION. I'm planning to change my username on here to make it so, but I kinda need instructions how to do that as well.. (sorry!)


"@DJ_AfterBurnZ" is also the official Twitter handle available now. If you see a picture of little fluffy toy hedgehog with glasses (his name's Butch, hence the new mascot), thats it. Yeah, I'm still building it up, but sure. Go follow me. =D.


Thus, mysoundcloud is new towards dJ_AfterBurnz as the link is provided here:


Share, Follow, Peep it out, whatever! Lol


I've also made a Soundclick which is where the beats can be bought if you want. My paypal and paypal email will be linked on there as well. More instrumentals will be on the way. Link is here:



For the final word I'm also starting up my own website so instrumentals can be sold there as the journey to building such projects can be provided on there! Thanks guys!


-ChronicBurnR...or dJ_AfterBurnZ. 

Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - April 16th, 2016

Since school is about to be done in a few weeks, and due from me getting injured due to playing bubble soccerr and breaking facial bones (I have no damn clue how I got injured in a friggin bubble), I have to sit out for a few weeks for Track and field. To get over this slight depression, I figured I got back active on here to socialize, catch up on reviews, and create more music, hence advising you to check out and review my newest piece "Difference". 


Welp, Im back I guess.

Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - March 28th, 2016

Hey guys, I kinda need some assistance with learning how to change the default settings for putting what I feel my best creation of 2016 may be on my audio profile. If anything I'd assume this is the one piece of music that actually would be seen or in quotes "featured" per profile view. Does Anyone know how I can change this?


Instead of my very first track of "Withstanding the Tribulation", I want to actually broadcast and showcase "The Power" instead. I feel that one is worthy for viewing more. If you have time, check it out.




Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - March 9th, 2016

So apparently I've decided to purchase the almost full packages of FruityLoops. You can be expecting some solid works now finally! (IF I can figure out all these functions on the side of College and Track & Field.. =/)