Infamous web3 music producing lightskin vtuber.
I do eurobeat, 80's/90's stuff, trap, edm.
I like sonic.

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DJ-AfterBurnz's News

Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - January 19th, 2023


Hello everyone!

I just wanted to thank all of you for the continuous support throughout the years. I know I’ve been pretty distant from truly posting a lot of music lately, but I’ve been super immersed within the Vtuber community and streaming on twitch as well. That being said, the debut went smoothly!

More releases shall be made, and I finally upgraded my website here for you guys to see stream schedules, new releases, merch, affiliation, artwork, and new Vtuber friends I’ll be with! NEW MERCH, NEW MUSIC, NEW ART & NEW OVERLAYS.

@dj_afterburnz on most platforms iu_872016_5734563.png

art by LycoonArts





Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - October 19th, 2022

Big big big shout out to @X3LL3N for being the 100th Fan!

Listen guys, After a very very long road ever since 2018 when I first came on new grounds it’s been a really big grind of trying to foster a proper community. I just wanted to say this is possibly one of the biggest milestones as far as starting off as far as you guys supporting what I do and I can’t thank you guys seriously enough. New grounds has been to one platform that allow me to actually grow as a music producer and actually get better. I’ve met many great people here with awesome talent and personalities from all over the world and I just want to foster and replicate the positive energy that has been done on to me. Once again thank you guys so much. iu_779232_5734563.png



Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - October 8th, 2022

All friends, followers & fans!

I like to thank you for your continuous support. I know I’ve been out of the loop on Newgrounds for a bit but I wanted announce I’ve been rebranding and had to hit back to the drawing board *literally on photoshop & everything else* for providing good content.

Many of you know my goal is to have a track licensed into the Sonic The Hedgehog 3 movie, along with Netflix Sonic Prime show, Also to DJ at TwitchCon, ComicCon, Brony Conventions, SonicRevolution, & RDCWorld DreamCon. Though I’ve come to the conclusion I can’t do this alone and I need serious help.. from you guys. It seems as a YouTuber/streamer I can garner supporters via algorithms to get up there & provide value. But for taking things one step at a time, I just request you guys help me on my path to becoming a twitch partner first/affiliate by following & streaming my twitch at twitch.tv/dj_afterburnz

Here on out now I wanted to post I will be streaming on twitch primarily for content creation & ending my Eurobeat 2022 series by making stuff on there and premiering them on YouTube and including Newgrounds.

Here is my upcoming stream schedule starting this coming week, and I will be providing stuff throughout the month. Streams will consists tutorials & production styles on Fruity Loops Studio, podcasts for well-being, financial literacy, social environments, positive lifestyles & perspectives, music, how to network, how to get sync licensed, understanding crypto & NFTs, upcoming plans, & much much more!


I will be on Twitch primarily and as the brand grows Hopefully I can buy some time back to do gaming with you guys too. Hopefully I’m working off of an Acer Nitro 7 but I may need help upgrading to a Alien Hardware/ Ryder PC (anything with an i9) to run gaming software too... (I’m not an expert with computers, but I’m kinda nervous how my laptop could run Steam, 10,000 MB of ram/memory from my plugins, Rekordbox for my Mixer, etc while all on OBS...Picture that!). Once Affiliate status has been reached I’ll host listening parties to ALL OF YOUR TRACKS featured on here as well as I try to buy back my financial freedom and time to do so. Donation pools will be open and I can be interactive with you guys truly.

This will help sustainable funding and realistic measures to fulfill projects as well as the music video I wanted to do for Tron’s Diary. Funds have been very limited and as per working with what I have now, I come to you guys in the most humility. I want to actually provide value to you guys aside from being a creator, though this rough road doing so I can’t do this alone. I’m also seeing moderators and a team for hire to manage my discord/help grow social medias. Thanks for your time.



Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - September 14th, 2022

First off, big Shoutout to @CDJeremy for making the mod design of the Hedgehog intervention level. Just wanted to showcase some of his fans I ran into.



Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - August 7th, 2022

Great news everyone! I have been officially whitelisted on geometry dash for you guys to truly use my music for the games! It took a minute to DM the elder Mods on the discord but it has finally been done.

I want to give a special shoutout to @thediamondfinder and @VaraxMusic pointing me in the right direction to the discord and speaking to the elder mods.

shoutout to Prism getting the job done as well!


Thank all of you for the continued support and love over these years man. Your endurance and persistence to the demand for the music to be put in the game is honestly truly touching to me. It’s been a rough couple of months lately and this was something I really needed for a good pickup. Y’all are awesome asf.



Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - June 6th, 2022

Hey guys!

In accordance to a number of requests I received for you guys for use of my tracks into geometry dash, I may need some help trying to figure out why a lot of my tracks arent showing up. The settings I originally had as far as releasing my tracks are based on non commercial uses, but I embedded them for geometry dash use. Someone please help me so I can make these available for you guys. do I need to allow downloads?


Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - May 13th, 2022


Took a minute to get some things rolling but with this going on this explains exactly my absense to you guys. stream schedule coming soon.

Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - April 26th, 2022


I hope I didn’t infringe anything. I was just trying to Post The track to get newgrounds support.

If this is about my latest Track that was only just a submission there is absolutely no confirmed guarantee that it would play Or get synced In the movie I was just saying as an electro property coming from me that’s what I am officially sending and was trying to share on here.

This has absolutely no content of spoiling the sonic three movie at all so please allow me to see my audio again.


Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - April 10th, 2022

Music Production, Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering, and Lyrics all by me.

supporting Recording engineers: STEVEN4AREASON AND RZSNLIFESTYLE

I'm Honored to show you guys... the official audio and music video for one of my tracks "Outta Time"! Enjoy!


Posted by DJ-AfterBurnz - March 3rd, 2022

I think the reason for my ban is the misconception of my intro video for my brand promotion. I will have you know THE INTRO BEAT IS ACTUALLY MINE. TOM DO YOU SEE THIS LOL.